Drink of the Week: Camber Coffee El Salvador Bernardina

End-of-the-year drinks conversations are generally dominated by what is served at sundown. There’s Champagnecelebratory beershot toddy tips, and more to discuss. But for me, the real revelatory moment of the past few weeks has been served at sunup, a special release from Imbibe 75 alum, Camber Coffee: El Salvador Bernardina. The Washington-based roaster has worked for years with the Pacas family in El Salvador and are among the small number of U.S. roasters to source the rare and limited Bernardina variety–discovered in 2008 on the Pacas’ Los Bellotos farm. This lot, grown on the El Retiro farm which has been owned by the family since 1927, is naturally processed and bagged in Camber’s 2021 Artist Series packaging. Aromatic nutty, umami depths begin each brew process, then transform into jasmine, cherry, and stone-fruit flavors in the cup. It’s a mind-opening way to start each day, and the perfect beginning to a new year. $40 for 8 oz.,

Coffee Design: Camber Coffee Artist Series In Bellingham, Washington

This week we’re catching up with Bellingham, Washington’s very own Camber Coffee, who launched an exquisite Artist Series in Winter of 2019. Back then, Camber Coffee co-founder David Yake told us that Camber has always been a representation of their love of coffee, people, food, art, and the natural world. “Having the chance to feature work by artists we admire is a privilege,” Yake says. We wanted to loop back around with Yake to find out how the series has been going, and to spotlight their newest offerings designed by UK-based artist Tilly Mint.

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Coffee culture has so permeated the Pacific Northwest that you don’t have to look just to Seattle to find exceptional beans. About 90 miles north is Bellingham, where Camber founders Andrew Bowman, Todd Elliott and David Yake met at a different coffee company. The trio’s venture took off in 2015, finding its way into top restaurants, such as Canlis and the Willows Inn. Camber brings out the sweetness and complexity of its beans, while avoiding being too light or acidic.

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With a rise in micro-roasters all around the state of Washington, it’s hard to make sense of where to get the perfect pour. However, the team at Camber Coffee will take good care of you; it’s made up of industry experts who’ve won awards at the Roasters Choice Competition and US Cup Tasters Championship. The focus is on bringing out the sweetness, balance, and flavours that are unique to each particular coffee. The result? Divine beyond belief. The trendy nature of the shop itself is just the cherry on top.

Drink of the Week: Camber Coffee Goodnight Moon Decaf

Decaf has long gotten a bad rap among coffee drinkers, but in recent years a handful of companies have started to address that stigma by offering high-quality, well-sourced, and naturally processed caffeine-free options. The latest bag to hit my desk—Camber Coffee’s Goodnight Moon Decaf—is a great example of a superb caffeine-free option from a forward-thinking company that embraces all types of coffee drinkers.

Camber Coffee

The idea came about after a number of conversations and attempts between my client and me. Many of those talks were about the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and its misty mountains, deep forests, rocks, and water that are so inspiring to many who live here. The marbling technique is something I have admired for years and I thought that it reflects similar beauty though the mixing colors of flowing water, clouds and sky, trees, and fog. I also love the way that it can reflect scent and flavor, perfect for these coffees that are created with such care and unique characteristics.

Inspired by Geography, Camber Coffee Bags Are A Marbled Marvel

Inspired by the natural geography from which the coffee originates, Camber Coffee bags are a marbled beauty. Each coffee variety has its own color scheme and marbled design, making every bag feel unique and special. The minimalist approach the rest of the design takes brings the coffee company a luxury feel.

World Coffee Research & Camber Team Up For International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is right around the corner. Have you hung your decorations yet? Bellingham, Washington’s Camber Coffee is certainly celebrating and raising money for a good cause to boot. On Tuesday, September 29th, Camber will debut their brand-new limited release World Coffee Research Benefit Series of coffee, and for the inaugural offering, they’ve invited WCR’s Hanna Neuschwander to join for a talk on Instagram Live.

Design in Coffee

The inspiration for these designs came during a hike in the Chuckanuts – the coastal mountain range near Bellingham.

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