Drink of the Week: Camber Coffee Goodnight Moon Decaf

Decaf has long gotten a bad rap among coffee drinkers, but in recent years a handful of companies have started to address that stigma by offering high-quality, well-sourced, and naturally processed caffeine-free options. The latest bag to hit my desk—Camber Coffee’s Goodnight Moon Decaf—is a great example of a superb caffeine-free option from a forward-thinking company that embraces all types of coffee drinkers.

World Coffee Research & Camber Team Up For International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is right around the corner. Have you hung your decorations yet? Bellingham, Washington’s Camber Coffee is certainly celebrating and raising money for a good cause to boot. On Tuesday, September 29th, Camber will debut their brand-new limited release World Coffee Research Benefit Series of coffee, and for the inaugural offering, they’ve invited WCR’s Hanna Neuschwander to join for a talk on Instagram Live.

Design in Coffee

The inspiration for these designs came during a hike in the Chuckanuts – the coastal mountain range near Bellingham.

We Love Coffee Blends—Here’s 14 To Try Right Now

A luscious, delicious blend of naturally processed Colombian coffee and washed Honduras Santa Barbara. Camber notes they “particularly love this blend for espresso” but you’ll be just as happy brewing it up at home in your favorite brewer.

Coffee Subscriptions Worth of Your At-Home Brewing Routine.

In addition to their subscription option, Camber is currently running a Benefit Series sharing 50% from sales of specially packed beans with their partner cafes and restaurants—from Coyle’s Bakeshop in Seattle to Konbi and Sqirl in Los Angeles. This award-winning Bellingham, Washington-based roaster is served at prestigious coffee bars throughout the US and at the fine dining destination Canlis. For at-home brews, they offer a Camber Coffee Club and a Coffee Subscription with four blend options or a Rotating Single Origin.

Best Coffee Delivery – Get These Fresh Coffee Beans Delivered Right to Your Door.

Seattle roasteries steal the espresso-hued spotlight in Washington state — and for good reason — but widen the frame a little and you’ll find the equally attention-worthy Camber Coffee nestled just a few towns short of the Canadian border. Camber offers their standard coffees and blends in 12 ounces or 5 pounds, shipped as whole beans or drip grinds. Right now, they’re also highlighting two vibrant fruit options from Kenya and Colombia, each packing so much flavor that they’re only sold in 8-ounce quantities.

Coffee Design: Camber Coffee Roasters Artist Series

We are huge fans of combining artists with coffee packaging. There are artists that we’ve featured here in this design series and thanks to the work of Camber Coffee we’re happily adding Rosa de Weerd to that list. de Weerd is the first artist featured in Camber Coffee’s new Artist Series coffees: a powerful collaboration of visual arts and exquisite coffees that debuted in November.

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