Best of Bellingham 2019: Best Barista, Best Brunch, Best Coffeehouse

That Camber won in multiple categories is hardly a surprise, given that the coffeehouse does just about everything incredibly well. Its coffee is thoughtfully sourced and expertly roasted and brewed by its knowledgeable and friendly staff, including multiple Best of Bellingham winner and lead barista Gloria Baldwin. Its brunch menu, which changes with the seasons, is a creative and delicious way to start the day, whether you’re ordering their vegan cashew cream toast or the perfectly balanced rosemary lamb burger.

Throwing Curve Balls with Camber Coffee

The story of Camber Coffee is a series of serendipitous events that organically led to a roastery and cafe that pushes the envelope of what “specialty coffee” means. From our conversation with co-founder David Yake, it’s clear to see that Camber is a company that is constantly challenging itself to innovate, create, connect, and delight the senses.

Unpacking Coffee with Kandace and Ray: Camber Coffee

Camber Coffee is a microroaster out of Bellingham, Washington making a big splash with their beautiful coffee, classic design, and thoughtfully prepared food. Join co-founder David Yake as he talks about their quick rise, elegant packaging, and award-winning full café.

America’s Favorite Specialty Coffee in 2018 – BEST SINGLE ORIGIN

Two of the last three single origin winners have been coffees from Ethiopia, and Camber coffee’s Ethiopia Guji definitely follows suit. Camber was so careful in taking this lot, or all the particular coffee from one plot of land, from small producers and bringing out the delicate floral aromas and creating a juicy, fruit-filled cup. It’s truly a remarkable coffee that had our customers giving rave reviews.

Like so many incredible single origin coffees, they don’t always last long in our shop, and, unfortunately, this coffee is sold out. The good news is you can still try one of Camber’s current Ethiopian coffees or literally any of their other offerings and you’ll quickly see why they’re a Golden Mug winner.

The Best Breakfast in Every State

The coffee you know already; the bread, the pastries, anything baked—here you will find one of the best selections of all of the above, anywhere in the country. Get your fill of both, along with Dutch baby pancakes, and chicken and waffles with redeye gravy, at Bellingham’s Camber—not only is this Washington’s best coffee roaster right now (and what a tight category), they’ve also thrown their hats in the ring, restaurant-wise, attempting and succeeding in creating a very good all-day café.

The Best Coffee in Every State

Already no stranger to a good cup of coffee, Bellingham, a lively college town closer to Vancouver, BC than Seattle, reached top tier status with the addition of this very fine roaster, an extraordinary collective of expertise that has more than a few baristas and café owners around the country just a little bit excited.

The 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America.

Just a few months after shipping out its first beans, a Sprudge article asked this of Camber’s rise: “What does it mean for a brand to come out of nowhere? Or out of Bellingham, Washington?” As it turns out, it means one doesn’t need to be surrounded by skyscrapers to roast world-class coffee.

The 21 Best Coffee Roasters in the Country

For some people the best cup of coffee in America is whatever’s currently in their hand, but then there are those for whom coffee is less of an alarm clock and more of a poetic experience. The type of dorks that measure out their lives in coffee spoons, not in the depressed 20th century poet type of way, but rather know the beans at every coffee shop in their town like some Espresso Rain Man.

The Imbibe 75

We’re honored to make the Imbibe 75 List for 2018! We’re endlessly thankful to our team, our customers and our producer partners, who make what we do possible everyday!

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