• Ethiopia Halo Beriti

    orange zest, jasmine, bergamot
    Gedeb | 2200-2300 masl | Heirloom | Washed



    Halo Beriti comes to us from the village of Beriti in the Gedeb district of southern Ethiopia. Gedeb is bordered by Yirgacheffe, Kochere, and Oromia. Here coffee is grown at extremely high altitudes ranging from 2200-2300 masl in fertile red clay soil. Grinding this coffee hints at a subtle floral character and honey sweetness. In the cup we taste an array of citrus flavors like lemon verbena, orange zest, and lime. These juicy notes are balanced beautifully with jasmine and black tea overtones.

  • Kenya Karumandi AA

    melon, tangerine, maple
    Kirinyaga | SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11 | 1900 masl | Washed



    From the rich volcanic slopes of Mount Kenya, the Karumandi factory has been consistently turning out some of Kenya’s best lots since 1961. This factory is one of twelve managed by the Baragwi Farmer’s Cooperative Society, which has been in operation since 1953. At Karumandi, only the ripest cherries are delivered, and additional hand sorting and floating is done to remove less dense and damaged beans before the coffee is depulped, fermented, and washed. Karumandi is a big bold Kenya that showcases bright citrus, melon, red apple and kiwi notes, rounded out by deep maple sweetness.


    white peach, persimmon, mixed berries
    Leonardo Henao & Robinson Pillimué | Inzá, Cauca | Caturra & Colombia | 1880-2000 masl | Washed



    Palomos Del Sur is owned by our friend Leonardo Henao, who is uniquely positioned in that he’s a farm owner, coffee producer, operates a dry mill with license to export, and has put together microlot buying programs throughout the country. Needless to say, he has an in-depth knowledge all along the coffee supply chain. Palomos Del Sur is managed by Robinson Pillimué, a local and longtime ASORCAFE member, and an old friend of Leo’s. He and his family live at the farm year round and he oversees much of the renovation and harvest. The house on Palomos Del Sur sits at 1880 meters, and marks the median altitude. The coffee itself is incredibly complex with flavors of mixed berries, white peach, honey, apple, and persimmon.

  • Peru Saul Taica

    pineapple, cinnamon, plum
    Huabal, Jaén | Caturra | 1900-2000 masl | Washed



    Saul Menor Taica owns four hectares of land in the San Francisco area of the Huabal district. The altitude of his farm ranges from 1900 to 2000 masl and Saul grows caturra, catimor, and castillo. Saul has converted two hectares of his farm to pasture land and has started raising cattle along with growing a number of different cash crops. Over the past two years he has made a number of improvements to his processes, including better cherry selection. This lot is 100% caturra from the highest parts of his farm and is one of the finest coffees in the area. The cup is very sweet with notes of tropical fruit, apricot, plum and cinnamon.

  • Colombia Penderisco

    hibiscus, toffee, honeydew
    Urrao, Antioquia | Caturra, Colombia, Typica | 1800-2000 masl | Washed



    This coffee is made up of small lots from three different producers in Urrao. Penderisco is a valley in Urrao that has cooler weather for the area, which results in slower fermentation times during processing. High elevation farms along with slower fermentation both contribute to the crisp fruit character and round sweetness of this coffee. We find Penderisco to have an almost effervescent quality along with notes of honeydew melon, lychee, toffee, and hibiscus tea.

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  • Kenya Gakuyuini AA – 8oz.

    concord grape, lime, watermelon
    Kirinyaga | SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11 | 1600-1700 masl | Washed


    At first glance, there is nothing extraordinary about the Thirikwa Farmers Cooperative Society, which only operates a single factory called Gakuyuini located in Kirinyaga county. But Thirikwa FCS has been turning heads with record breaking auction prices at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange for quite some time now. Farmers hand pick ripe cherry and delivery it to the Gakuyini mill for processing the same day, and their hard work and dedication shines through. This AA offering is perhaps our favorite Kenya lot of the year, showcasing exceptional body and structured acidity. In the cup we taste juicy notes of concord grape, pineapple, watermelon, and lime.

    Featuring art from Rosa de Weerd

  • Colombia Palomos Del Sur Natural – 8OZ.

    cherry, panela, watermelon
    Leonardo Henao & Robinson Pillimué | Inzá, Cauca | Caturra & Colombia | Natural


    This is the naturally processed (or dry processed) version of our other Palomos offering. Naturally processed coffees keep the whole cherry intact during drying which imparts more intense fruit character and body to the cup. This type of processing can also result in a less consistent cup profile overall since it is mostly hand sorted. We were excited by the vibrant fresh fruit notes and sweetness that we found in this coffee. Naturally processed coffees can be polarizing due to potent aromatics and flavor, but really interesting and delicious at the same time. Expect notes of strawberry candy, barleywine, panela, cherry, and watermelon.

    Featuring art from Rosa de Weerd

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  • Moonrise Blend

    cherry, panella, lychee
    Colombia Palomos Del Sur & Honduras Santa Barbara | Caturra, Colombia, Pacas | 1670-2000 masl | Natural & Washed



    Moonrise consists of Colombia Palomos Del Sur natural and Honduras Santa Barbara. This Colombia offering from Inzá is the naturally processed version of our other Palomos offering. Naturally processed coffees keep the whole cherry intact during drying which imparts more intense fruit character and body to the cup. Santa Barbara is known for its competition-worthy coffees, and this community lot is no exception. Together these coffees produce a syrupy brew with a bright, complex acidity. We particularly love this coffee for espresso.


  • Skyline Espresso

    blackberry, cocoa, lychee
    Colombia Inzá & Ethiopia Nano Genji | Cauca & Agaro | 1500-2200 masl | Washed



    For Skyline, we select and roast coffees that produce articulate sweetness, complexity, and body. Our roast profile is optimized for espresso extraction. Our current offering is a blend of two outstanding coffees. Colombia Inzá is a regional blend that lends a caramelized depth of sweetness balanced by juicy dark fruit notes. Ethiopia Nano Genji brings lively fruit notes such as tangerine, pear, and lychee. Together these coffees produce a brew with unique fruit character and resonant sweetness.

  • Big Joy Espresso

    cherry, molasses, pear
    Espresso Developed for Milk | Peru Cajamarca | David Diaz & Elvis Rafael | Caturra & Catuai | Washed


    Big Joy is a slightly more developed roast than Skyline, and pairs exceptionally well with milk. We use Big Joy for all of our milk-based drinks at our cafe and it brews a dynamic, layered solo shot as well. But don’t count it out as a filter option! It will be delicious and sweet brewed with your favorite brewer. Our current Big Joy is a blend of single producer lots from Cajamarca, Peru. David Garcia Diaz owns two 1.5 hectare plots of land in the village of San Francisco. This coffee comes from his higher elevation farm, which sits at 1800 masl. Elvis Reinerio Tineo Rafael is a second-generation coffee producer who owns land in the El Diamante area of Jaen. Elvis and his family work on the land together, coordinating all of their processing together. Together these coffees produce a densely sweet brew showcasing complex sugar flavors and crisp fruit character.
  • Goodnight Moon Decaf

    blueberry, vanilla, navel orange
    Ethiopia Dumerso | Natural | Swiss Water Process®



    Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere.

    Goodnight Moon is comprised of carefully selected small batch coffees decaffeinated by our friends at Swiss Water Process. The roast profile is well suited for all brewing methods.  We find the cup to be sweet and full-bodied with notes of blueberry, vanilla, navel orange, and cherry.

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