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Amazonas Select

grapefruit, raw sugar, cinnamon


Lonya Grande | Caturra, Typica, Catimore | 1650 masl | Washed

Peru Amazonas brews up a sweet, citrusy, and floral cup. Here we have a coffee grown within the northern Amazonas region of Peru, but tastes like it could easily be a washed offering from Ethiopia. It’s always exciting to taste coffees from countries that challenge or exceed expectations. The importer of this particular lot asked the cooperative to produce an 85-plus scoring coffee, and they certainly produced something special. 

Cooperativa de Servicios Multiples Juan Marco El Palto (JUMARP) is a small and focused cooperative in northern Peru that manages coffee from more than 300 farmer associates. The cooperative was formulated in 2003 with 35 local producers in the Lonya Grande district, part of the greater Amazonas department, and now the coop represents coffee growers across the highlands of Amazonas, as well as neighboring coffee powerhouse department, Cajamarca.

Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+