Moonrise Blend

blackberry, honey, lychee
Ethiopia Wuri & Honduras El Tanque | Heirloom & Pacas | 1670-2070 masl | Natural & Washed



Moonrise is comprised of Honduras El Tanque and Ethiopia Wuri natural. Hailing from the acclaimed Santa Barbara region of Honduras, El Tanque is Danny Moreno’s highest elevation farm and a perennial favorite. “Wuri” means “high altitude” in the Gedeo language, which Worka Sakora has certainly earned with some farming areas topping out over 2,000 masl. The sorting and drying processes at Wuri are precise and laborious. This naturally processed selection adds an intense, yet clean fruit character to Moonrise. Together these coffees produce a syrupy brew with a bright, complex acidity. We particularly love this coffee for espresso.