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Honduras Nery Martinez Honey

honeydew, raw sugar, black cherry


Las Vegas, Santa Barbara | Paraneima | 1690 masl | Honey

Nery only produces a tiny quantity of Paraneima, a variety known for its intense aromatic qualities, and we are pleased to offer this very limited release of his coffee. In the cup we taste notes of honeydew melon, lemon, raw sugar, and black cherry.

For Nery Martinez, growing specialty coffee is a focused family endeavor on their farm, La Montaña, in the village of Los Andes, located in the municipality of Las Vegas, Santa Barbara. Nery’s father was a vegetable farmer and, for many years, the family also picked coffee in the area. Over time, Nery and his brother became interested in growing coffee on land they inherited from their father. In 2018, Nery started planting his first farm on the highest elevation plot, with the help of his brother they planted a large lot of Pacas. They have started growing a small volume of Paraneima and we are excited to offer this extremely limited offering.

Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+