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Los Suspiros

red apple, hazelnut, blackberry


Huehuetenango | Bourbon & Caturra | 1900 masl | Washed

A dynamic offering from Huehue, Los Suspiros balances syrupy body and hazelnut sweetness with fresh red apple, plum, and blackberry undertones.   

As the 4th generation to own and operate Finca Los Suspiros, Axel Palacios is dedicated to specialty coffee production.The farm was named Los Suspiros, which means “the sighs” in Spanish, because of the fresh breezes of air you can experience whenever you pause to appreciate one of the incredible views. Today, Axel and the Morales brothers operate Finca Los Suspiros as part of their joint venture, Rosma Coffeelands. The Rosma team are frequent Cup of Excellence winners and their commitment to specialty coffee production is evident in each lot.

Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+