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Colombia Kenny Adarme Honey

lychee, cocoa, red apple


Aponte, Nariño | Caturra & Castillo | 2200 masl | Honey

When exceptional terroir meets skilled processing, beautiful things can happen. This honey-processed offering from Kenny Adarme is a delicious example of this equation. The resulting cup is sugary sweet with notes of lychee, cocoa, clove, and red apple.  

Kenny is a grower in Aponte, Nariño and a member of the Inga indigenous community, who make up the “resguardo” or reservation, of which Aponte is a part. His one hectare farm, named La Chorrera, is located at a whopping 2200 meters above sea level. Unlike many other young people in Aponte, Kenny decided to stay in his hometown and build upon the farming tradition started by his grandparents.

Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+