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Aroma’s Quick Reference Guide


Aroma’s Quick Reference Guide

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Dose: 18-18.5 grams
Yield: 34-36 grams
Shot time: 25-30

Puck Prep

  • Tare portafilter on scale
  • Dose coffee in the center of the portafilter
  • Place on scale, gently discard grounds with spoon until desired dose is reached
  • Tap the side of the portafilter 3-4 times to distribute the grounds evenly
  • Insert Push tamper gently, ensure it is level, and press until the rim of the tamper is flush with the rim of the portafilter.

Grind size

If your shot times are too fast, you will not extract enough from the coffee and your shots may taste hollow and/or sour. If your shot times are too slow, you will extract too much from the coffee and your shots may be astringent and/or bitter. We utilize the grind setting in order to adjust shot times. Grinding finer will slow the shots down. Grinding coarser will speed the shots up. We define shot time as the time from the moment you engage the machine to the moment your shot hits your desired yield (34-36g in our case). 



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