peach, cranberry, lemon
Yirgacheffe | 2000-2200 masl | Heirloom | Washed



We’re teaming up with some of our favorite people to bring you the Benefit Series. 50% of the sales of these bags go to our friends at WSU’s Bread Lab. To learn more about WSU’s Bread Lab program visit their website –

The washing station at Halo Hartume is a few kilometers from the town of Gedeb. The station itself is situated in a valley surrounded by the hills of Halo Hartume where the coffee is grown. Like most areas around Gedeb, the hills vary in altitude from 2000 to 2200 meters, and the lush green forested hills here are relatively new to coffee. The coffee trees are young, bearing cherries that are large and full of flavor. The washing station receives cherries from 396 area smallholders between October and January. This coffee has the hallmarks of a classic washed Yirgacheffe with delicate sweet notes of peach, cranberry, and lemon.

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