The Willows Inn Series

white peach, persimmon, mixed berries
Leonardo Henao & Robinson Pillimué | Inzá, Cauca | Caturra & Colombia | 1880-2000 masl | Washed



The current iteration of the Willows Series features a dynamic new washed coffee from Colombia — Palomos del Sur. Palomos Del Sur is owned by our friend Leonardo Henao, who is uniquely positioned in that he’s a farm owner, coffee producer, operates a dry mill with license to export, and has put together microlot buying programs throughout the country. Needless to say, he has an in-depth knowledge all along the coffee supply chain. Palomos Del Sur is managed by Robinson Pillimué, a local and longtime ASORCAFE member, and an old friend of Leo’s. He and his family live at the farm year round and he oversees much of the renovation and harvest. The house on Palomos Del Sur sits at 1880 meters, and marks the median altitude. The coffee itself is incredibly complex with flavors of mixed berries, white peach, honey, apple, and persimmon.