WCR Benefit Series – Ethiopia Raro

nectarine, refined sugar, pineapple
Guji | 1950-2250 masl | Heirloom | Washed



We thought it fitting to feature this special coffee from Ethiopia, the birthplace of arabica, for our inaugural World Coffee Research Benefit Series release. Ethiopia is of critical importance to the entire world — arabica evolved in the forests here and it is the wellspring of coffee genetic diversity.

This lot comes from the Raro Boda washing station. Farmers in this region grow their coffee either in semi-forest conditions, where they prune and tend to wild native coffee trees under a forest canopy, or in garden conditions, where coffee trees are cultivated and tended to near a farmer’s home. All of the coffee here is grown at extremely high altitude, between 1950 – 2250 masl, and is dried on raised beds. In the cup, we taste notes of nectarine, pineapple, refined sugar, and blackberry.

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