jasmine, lemon verbena, peach
Kochere | 2000 masl | Heirloom | Washed



We’re teaming up with some of our favorite people to bring you the Benefit Series. 50% of the sales of these bags go to our friends at Sqirl. To learn more about Sqirl visit their website https://www.sqirlla.com.

This series is featuring a super vibrant new offering from Ethiopia — Jet Hama. “Jet” is the name of the coffee washing station where this coffee was processed. It’s located in Hama Kebele, a small town within the Southern Kochere District. It’s practically next door to the famed Yirgacheffe growing region, so the overt floral cup comes as no surprise. This is a privately run washing station, which means that there is no cooperative membership required for farmers to sell their coffee. That said, they register all farmers who sell to them and keep a record of each delivery and the price that was paid. Jet Hama has a delicate complexity with notes of jasmine, bergamot, lemon verbena, peach, and lime.