Peru Elvis Tineo

clementine, raw honey, plum
El Diamante, Jaén | Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai | 1750-1950 masl | Washed



This is our third year buying coffee from Elvis, and we continue to appreciate his coffee for its beautiful raw honey sweetness, clementine juiciness, and fresh plum tartness. This coffee is a versatile option for espresso or any brewing method.   

Elvis Tineo Rafael is a second generation coffee producer whose farm is in the El Diamante area of Jaén. Over the last few years he has been investing in his farm, improving the quality of picking, and experimenting with different methods of fermentation. His coffee placed seventh in the 2018 Peru Cup of Excellence. 

This lot was picked, washed, and sorted for quality before soaking the cherries for twelve hours. Lastly, the cherries were pulped and fermented in sealed containers for thirty six hours before being dried under shade for fifteen days.

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