Elmer Tineo

blueberry, apple, brown sugar


El Diamante, Jaén | Catuai | 1650 masl | Washed

With round, ripe fruit character and a caramelized sugar finish, this standout lot from Peru was an immediate favorite when it hit the cupping table. We’ve been tasting notes of blueberry, apple, cocoa, and brown sugar. 

Elmer Tineo farms ten hectares on his farms located in the town of El Diamante within the province of Jaén. He works with his son Elvis, growing and harvesting a range of varieties including Caturra, Catuai, Castillo, Gesha, and Maragogype. Elmer has been dedicated to coffee since the age of twenty three, and his hard work has paid off. In 2021 his coffee scored third place in the Peru Cup of Excellence. El Diamante is one of the few areas in Jaen to have protected forests, which are home to a variety of flora and fauna native to the region. This thriving natural environment creates a beautiful setting to grow coffee, but also contributes to the richness and stability of the soils in the area.

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