Peru El Cedro

cherry, brown sugar, red apple
Gonzalo Guevara Martinez | Jaén, Cajamarca | Bourbon & Caturra | 1850+ masl | Washed



Gonzalo Guevara Martinez is the founder and current president of the Santuario Association of Coffee Producers, which works with small-scale producers in Cajamarca, Peru. His farm name refers to the cedar tree that grows on his small four hectare farm. The land is dotted with indigenous trees that give shade to his coffee trees.  At El Cedro, coffee is selectively picked with only the ripest cherries being harvested at each pass. Cherries are then hand-sorted to ensure that no underripe or damaged cherries make it into the fermentation tanks. The care and attention to harvesting and processing techniques are apparent. In the cup, El Cedro is layered with notes of dark fruit and caramelized sugar.