grenadine, cacao nib, blood orange
Peru Fidel Huancas & Eli Espinoza | Cajamarca | Bourbon & Caturra | Washed & Natural



Mosaic is crafted to highlight the unique flavor characteristics of one or more coffees. Our roasters explore a variety of roast profiles and recipes to achieve a distinctive result. Mosaic should appeal to those with a more eclectic palate.

This version of Mosaic is a blend of a washed coffee from Fidel Huancas, Cup of Excellence-winning producer from the village of San Ignacio, and a natural lot from Eli Espinoza. Eli grows and processes coffee on his four hectare farm in the village of Chirinos, and has also taken top honors in COE for his naturally processed coffee. Having purchased from both farmers for several seasons, we are thrilled by the consistency and dynamism of their coffees.

Fidel’s coffee is layered with cacao nib and baking spice notes that beautifully contrast the sweet grenadine and sparkling blood orange of Eli’s naturally processed lot. These coffees come together to produce a deeply fruited cup of coffee or shot of espresso.

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