tangerine, honey, chardonnay
Honduras El Filo | El Cedral, Santa Barbara | Pacas | 1550 masl | Honey



Mosaic is crafted to highlight the unique flavor characteristics of one or more coffees. Our roasters explore a variety of roast profiles and recipes to achieve a distinctive result. Mosaic should appeal to those with a more eclectic palate.

This coffee was grown by Danny Moreno on a piece of land named El Filo. Danny and his five brothers inherited this land from their father Daniel, who divided it into lots for each son. Together, the family built a wet mill, raised beds, and solar dryers to process and prepare their specialty lots. Working together and sharing their facilities with their neighbors, the family has helped elevate the El Cedral community to produce and prepare better quality coffees.

This version of Mosaic blends two different roast profiles of this 100% Pacas lot from El Filo. One profile to develop complex sugars and raw honey sweetness, and the other to accentuate the juicy chardonnay and tangerine notes.

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