blackberry, bergamot, red apple


Colombia Agualinda | Antioquia | Chiroso | Washed & Honey

Mosaic is crafted to highlight the unique flavor characteristics of one or more coffees. Our roasters explore a variety of roast profiles and recipes to achieve a distinctive result. Mosaic should appeal to those with a more eclectic palate.

This version of mosaic is a blend of washed and honey processed lots from Finca Agualinda in the Antioquia department of Colombia. Both lots are 100% Chiroso. Chiroso is an heirloom Caturra variety that has a much thinner and longer appearance than the typical Caturra growing in the region. The last few years have seen a spike in Chiroso lots winning top honors in the Colombia Cup of Excellence due to its unique flavor profile.  In the cup we taste tropical fruit notes along with blackberry, bergamot, and red apple.

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