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Kiambara AA

grenadine, maple, red grape


Nyeri | SL-28, SL-034, Batian, Ruiru 11 | Washed

Great Kenyan coffees balance winey acidity, complex sweetness, and lush fruit notes. They can also be structured and intense. This offering from Kiambara delivers all of the above with notes of grenadine, raspberry, maple, and red grape. 

The Kiambara factory is part of the Mugaga Farmer’s Cooperative Society, located in the heart of Nyeri County. The name Kiamabara can be translated as “many roads”, since the factory is located in a central area where many roads intersect. Handpicked cherries are delivered to Kiambara from surrounding farms before being pulped, fermented, and washed at the mill. After washing, the seeds are carefully dried on raised beds.

Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+