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La Sierra

cranberry, cocoa, almond


El Cedral, Santa Barbara | Pacas | 1400 masl | Washed

Danny Moreno is a third generation coffee grower, son of Daniel Moreno, and a member of the large Moreno family of producers. He purchased the lot that makes up La Sierra in 2009, and we have purchased from this area for several years. The cup is incredibly sweet with notes of cranberry, cocoa, red apple, and almond. 

We are huge fans of coffees from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras, and value our long standing relationship with the celebrated San Vicente mill. Moreno family members have become somewhat of a farming dynasty in Santa Barbara, inspiring many of their neighbors to pursue specialty coffee. They are in a special category of coffee producers, consistently cultivating and producing exceptional coffees. This requires a mixture of ambition, long term planning, and constant reevaluation of farming practices.

Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+