Jennifer Madrid

navel orange, raw sugar, mulled cider


El Rubí | El Coquillal, Santa Barbara | 1420 masl | Parainema | Washed

Parainema is a variety that continues to excite us with its unique flavor profile. This lot produces a cup that is round and sweet, with notes of navel orange, lemongrass, raw sugar, and mulled cider. 

Jennifer Madrid is a young fourth generation coffee producer from the acclaimed Santa Barbara region of Honduras. Her parents and grandparents instilled in her a passion for coffee farming, and in 2015 she inherited a plot of land from her grandfather that she named “El Rubí”. She made the decision to plant the whole area with the Parainema variety due to its excellent quality and exotic flavor profile. She also planted walnut and cedar trees for shade and began producing a natural fertilizer from coffee pulp. In 2021 she was awarded 7th place in the Honduras Cup of Excellence.

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