Honduras El Tanque Anaerobic – 8oz.

red grape, cocoa nib, casaba melon
Danny Moreno | El Cedral, Santa Barbara | Pacas | 1670 masl | Washed


We are huge fans of coffees from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras, and value our long standing relationship with the celebrated San Vicente mill. For several years we have offered this excellent lot, El Tanque, produced by Danny Moreno in El Cedral. This year Danny decided to experiment, and produced a small amount of coffee processed with the addition of anaerobic fermentation. We were excited to taste it and were pleasantly surprised by its unique character. In the cup we taste casaba melon, anise, persimmon, red grape, and cocoa nib.

Ripe red cherries are put into airtight bags to ferment anaerobically for 48 hours. Next, cherries are depulped and the parchment is put into fermentation tanks where it is dry-fermented for approximately eighteen hours. Next, parchment is rinsed four times with fresh water. Lastly, it is put inside parabolic solar dryers for around 20 days. After the dryers, parchment is sorted by hand to remove any defective beans. From here the coffee is delivered to San Vicente for dry milling.

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