Honduras Benigno Mejía Garcia

bing cherry, sugarcane, kiwi
Las Flores, Santa Barbara | Parainema | 1500 masl | Washed



This offering comes to us from the Las Flores village of Santa Barbara, where Benigno Mejía Garcia has been farming coffee since 1973. This lot is 100% Parainema, a cultivar that is a member of the Sarchimore hybrid family that is mainly found in Honduras. Benigno has garnered some accolades for his Parainema crop, winning the Best of Honduras competition in 2018. After picking, parchment is dry fermented for fifteen hours before being washed four times. The coffee is then dried using a parabolic solar dryer. Along with sugarcane sweetness, the cup showcases layers of fresh fruit notes such as Bing cherry, raspberry, muskmelon, and kiwi. 

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