Costa Rica Helsar Cascara Tea – 5oz.

hibiscus, tamarind, raisin
Dried Coffee Fruit | Caturra & Catuai | Llano Bonito De Naranjo, West Valley


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Cascara is the name used in Central America for coffee cherry skins, and a perfect name for the tea made from them as well. If you like fruit-blend herbal teas, especially those with fruited flavors like hibiscus, rose-hips, tamarind, orange peel, mango, apple, you should like Cascara tea a lot. It makes amazing iced tea as well, and with a very moderate amount of honey can be very pleasant. Does it have caffeine? Yes, all parts of the coffee plant contain some caffeine, but we don’t know how much, and it will certainly depend on steep time and the amount used to make each cup. What’s interesting about this cascara, is that it is dehydrated – part of a joint effort on the part of the folks at the Helsar micro-mill in Costa Rica, and a research team at the University of Costa Rica. They found that cascara has 50% more antioxidants than cranberries, and are using dehydration for drying the cherry to near zero moisture, making for a crisp and very edible product. Yes, edible! In addition to tea, try using it in place of dried fruit on cereal, yogurt, or even on its own. Expect to see the occasional stem too, easily spotted and removed. And while the final produce is not certified organic, they are only using coffee cherry from Helsar’s three organic farms.Recommended Brewing: 12 grams tea to 350ml water. Steep for 8 minutes or to taste.