Punta Del Cerro

muskmelon, dark chocolate, black currant


Huehuetenango | Caturra & Bourbon | 1750 masl | Washed

This beautiful lot from the Villatoro family is structured and sweet with notes of muskmelon, dark chocolate, and black currant. 

In the remote western highlands of Huehuetenango, in a small high valley called Hoja Blanca, the Villatoros manage a multigenerational family enterprise of small coffee farms. Rodin graduated as an agronomic engineer with his thesis on hydroponics. He is one of the five third generation Villatoros being groomed to oversee the family’s network of small farms. Each year the younger generation of the Villatoro family takes on more ownership of the family lots, planting new varieties, driving education and experimental processing, and cupping in the family lab.

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