Guatemala Gesha Box Set


1 available for pre-ordering

Note: This pre-order will ship on Friday, January 28th. The set contains a 10oz bag of each coffee.

San Pedro Necta | Gesha | 1800-2000 masl | Natural
pineapple, black tea, papaya

San Pedro Necta | Gesha | 1500-1800 masl | Washed
jasmine, ginger, lemongrass

We are ecstatic to share this limited Gesha Box Set from the Cup of Excellence-winning Morales family. These coffees offer exquisite tropical fruit notes and floral undertones.

Guatemala Cascada Encantada Gesha was grown on the newest farm belonging to Fredy Morales and his family. Fredy is an experienced farmer and Q grader. Finca Cascada Encantada came onto our radar after the 2020 Guatemala Cup of Excellence. This is our second year offering Gesha from Cascada Encantada and we’re awe-struck by the consistency and cup quality. Natural processing adds layers of fruit complexity to the cup, with notes of pineapple, black tea, melon, papaya, and cherry.

Guatemala Rosma Gesha won 3rd place in the 2021 Guatemala Cup of Excellence and offers a medley of tropical fruit notes, which are balanced with jasmine and lemongrass. This lot was produced by the Morales family on their flagship Finca Rosma. This meticulously-managed farm has been certified by ANACAFE as a sustainable coffee farm; providing homes, access to schools, and medical assistance to employees of the farm. The farm also utilizes shade-growing practices, planting Chalum and Grevillea trees to bolster biodiversity and support local wildlife.