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El Amate Y Anexos

mango, lavender, peach


Cup of Excellence Winner
Huehuetenango | Bourbon | 1700-1850 masl | Washed

This award-winning washed offering from Huehuetnango delivers remarkable clarity and a multidimensional cup. Hints of lavender give way to notes of mango, lychee, and peach. 

Petronilo de Jesús Martínez is originally from the departmental capital of Huehuetenango. In 1960, his father Gumercindo Martínez inherited an area of two hectares to establish his first coffee farm. From 1969 to 1973, Mr. Petronilo was president of the first cooperative of small producers in the region. In the coming years his production and quality continued to improve. Utilizing profits with the intention of continued growth, he acquired other plots of coffee, and eventually built his own wet mill and drying area.

In the last five years, with a growing need to offer new processes to clients, El Amate began to process natural coffees, managing to position itself among the winners of the first One of a Kind Guatemala auction. This washed lot took an impressive twelve place in the most recent Guatemala Cup of Excellence. 

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Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+