Guatemala Cascada Encantada Cup of Excellence – 8oz. PRE-ORDER

blackberry, macadamia, pineapple
San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango | Gesha & Pacamara | 1800-2000 masl | Natural



Note: This is a PRE-ORDER.

This outstanding coffee was grown on the newest farm belonging to Fredy Milton Morales and his family. Fredy is a producer, Q grader, and farm manager. Finca Cascada Encantada made an impressive Cup of Excellence debut this year. Fredy’s family has been operating farms in Huehuetenango since 1980 when his father planted what is now Finca Rosma, which took 2nd place in the 2010 COE competition. This unique coffee is comprised of Gesha and Pacamara, both varieties known for distinctive cup qualities. With the addition of natural processing, you may suspect that this coffee isn’t defined by understatement. And you would be correct. You can expect a cup layered with complex floral and fruit notes. We taste blackberry, macadamia, lavender, Cabernet Sauvignon, tangerine, and bittersweet chocolate.

We have a limited supply of this special coffee. We will be taking preorders for a 12/7 roast date. For the 12/7 roast, place your order before midnight on 12/6. We will ship your coffee the day after the roast via priority mail.