black cherry, dutch cocoa, rosewater


Huehuetenango | Bourbon | 2000 masl | Washed

Sweet and refined, this offering has dense Dutch cocoa undertones and sweet black cherry highlights. Lingering lime, rosewater, and mixed berry flavors round out the cup – an excellent option for filter or espresso.   

Rosa Maria de la Peña’s coffees have placed in multiple Cup of Excellence competitions. She began cultivating avocados and coffee on Finca Los Aguacatones in 2009. After a major fire in 2010, Rosa Maria decided to replant the farm and focus entirely on coffee production. She made many improvements to the soil, including planting chalum and gravileas, two endemic tree species that fix nitrogen. She also established a new rainwater catchment system where water tanks store rainwater from the rainy season to slowly irrigate the trees during the dry summer season. 

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