Ethiopia Yabitu Koba

peach, mango, pine
Guji | Heirloom | 1900-2200 masl | Washed



Located in the beautiful mountainous landscape of the Guji highlands, Uraga is one of the highest elevation growing regions in Ethiopia with altitudes of over 2,300 meters.  Uraga is a town located between Shakiso and Dilla where Feku Jebil is the owner of the Hana Asrat washing station and a Uraga native known for producing outstanding coffees.  Hana Asrat station is located in the Yabitu Koba village where around 720 small-holder farmers deliver cherry to Feku’s washing station.  This year’s crop has delicate floral aromatics and an array of flavors including apple skin, lime, pine, peach, and tropical fruit.