Ethiopia Teshome Gemechu

melon, bergamot, meyer lemon
Gedeb | Wolisho & Dega | 1900-2200 masl | Washed



This fresh arrival from Gedeb is crisp, vibrant, and perfect for summer. Teshome showcases a beautifully delicate and floral washed Ethiopia profile with juicy sweetness to boot. The cup balances sparkling citrus flavors like meyer lemon and bergamot along with jasmine and sweet melon. Excellent for all brewing methods and a delicious option for iced coffee.        

Teshome Gemechu is a washing station located in the Chelbesa hamlet of Gedeb. Communities in this area reach some of the highest growing elevations for coffee in the world, and have a long history of arabica preservation and genetic diversity. This station is directly supported by smallholder farms that grow their coffee either in semi-forest conditions (under forest canopy), or residential gardens.

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