Ethiopia Sibu Hambela

apricot, thyme, lemon verbena
Guji Zone | Heirloom | 1900-2300 masl | Washed



This coffee hails from Sibu Hambela station, located between Kercha and Uraga. The owner Kedir Hassen comes from a very respected and large family of coffee professionals in the Shakiso and Kercha areas. He’s an extremely proficient and capable engineer as well, and built the entire Hambela station in one season. You wouldn’t know this, as it’s apparent everything was built with high processing standards and efficiency in mind. He wouldn’t be able to complete Hambela on his own, but thanks to his long-standing connection with the people in this area he had much needed community support. This extremely high grown lot is intoxicatingly aromatic with citrus and herbal notes such as dried apricot, thyme, and lemon verbena.