Seid Adem Boruu

key lime, cacao nib, strawberry


Cup of Excellence National Jury Selection

West Arsi | Heirloom | 1800-2300 masl | Natural

Seid Adem Boruu’s coffee was a national jury selection at this year’s Cup of Excellence competition. Seid is twenty eight years old, has been working with coffee since the age of thirteen, and is a second generation coffee farmer; having grown up on his parent’s farm. Seid’s property is less than a single hectare, yet impressively well-managed considering he produced thirteen bags of award winning coffee from his land. This naturally processed microlot was handpicked before being dried on raised beds on Seid’s farm. His coffee was carefully processed and sorted specifically for the COE competition. In the cup we taste refined notes of key lime, grapefruit, cacao nib, and strawberry.

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