Ethiopia Reko

peach, honeysuckle, lime
Yirgacheffe | 1850-2100 masl | Heirloom | Washed



Reko washing station is named after Reko mountain, a tall skinny mountain that towers above the hills of Kochere. Reko, translates to “challenge”. It refers to the challenge of climbing Reko mountain as well as the goal of producing some of the best coffee in the region. During harvest, about 850 farmers bring their red cherries to the washing station. Incoming coffee is washed with water from the local river, then is pulped with an Agard pulping machine. The mucilage is removed by traditional fermentation, which lasts 36-48 hours depending on weather conditions. The coffee is then dried on raised African beds for 10-12 days. The brew is delicate with layers of fruit flavors. We taste notes of peach, bing cherry, lime, honeysuckle, and jasmine.

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