Ethiopia Halo Beriti

apricot, jasmine, lime
Yirgacheffe | Heirloom | 1900-2150 masl | Washed



In the heart of Yirgacheffe, you will find Halo Beriti, a newer washing station managed by Abeyot Ageze. Abeyot, a coffee grower born and raised in Gedeo, cultivates a plot of land located right next to the washing station. Halo Beriti collects cherries from 520 neighboring smallholders, most farming less than one hectare each. For washed coffees, Abeyot uses water from the Worka river. Fermentation times vary between 45 and 65 hours, depending on the weather, and the parchment dries for 7 to 10 days. The cup is crisp and vibrant, with notes of jasmine, lime sherbert, white peach, apricot, and fresh citrus.

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