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lychee, rose hip, lavender


Guji | Heirloom | 2000-2280 masl | Washed

The care and attention to detail in this Guji offering is obvious in the cup, where we taste brilliant notes of lychee, peach, rose hip, lavender, and honey.

The Wate Gogogu community resides within the southernmost forest of the Uraga region. The washing station is located on a high elevation plain surrounded by smallholder farms that supply cherry to the mill. Gogogu’s coffee goes through many careful steps of processing. The depulped seeds are soaked in fresh water for 60 hours before being washed again through channels, while also being separated for quality. The denser seeds that make up this offering go to an additional soaking tank where they will sit overnight to remove additional mucilage before going to the drying beds.

Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+