Ethiopia Faysel Abdosh

cherry blossom, anise, apple cider
Sidama | Heirloom | 1990-2150 masl | Natural



For all of the natural-process lovers out there, this is a very special offering. Faysel’s coffee is balanced and subtle and at the same time dynamic and fruit-centric. In the cup, notes of cherry blossom, cinnamon, and anise mingle with plum and apple cider.

This coffee comes from a single 35 hectare estate owned by Faysel Abdosh. Faysel purchased the property in 2020 and immediately set to work dialing in processing systems he felt best suited the farm’s high elevation and select cultivars. 

The resulting lot, one of the first ever produced, busts Sidama coffee norms for three big reasons. First, it comes from a private estate managed entirely by Faysel- from tree to export. Next, the coffee is naturally processed, which is rare for Sidama. Finally, the coffee is a Grade 1, meaning the cup quality and physical preparation is the best that Ethiopia certifies, something especially difficult to achieve!

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