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Banko Taratu

apricot, melon, raspberry


Gedeb | Heirloom | 1900-2300 masl | Washed

The vibrant flavor profile of this fully washed Ethiopian coffee is partially due to an extended fermentation process. That said, this coffee exudes nuance and structure with notes of apricot, melon, raspberry, and white flowers.  

Coffees from Gedeb, in the southeast corner of the Gedeo Zone, have historically been aggregated with coffees from Yirgacheffe. However, coffees from Gedeb have a flavor profile utterly unique to their specific terroir. Banko Taratu is the name of the town where this outstanding coffee is harvested and processed from over 300 family-owned farms. Most of these farms are small plots of land adjacent to family homes, and the coffee plants are cultivated using organic fertilizers. 

Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+