Zanaida Adarme

apricot, kiwi, cherry


Nariño | Colombia & Castillo | 2200 masl | Honey

We often taste coffees that are overwhelmed by processing – these coffees have a tendency to wash out terroir. Honey processed coffees can be a mixed bag. Here, we have an example of a coffee with a symbiotic balance of terroir and process. We taste notes of kiwi, apricot, blackberry, lychee, and a refined sugar sweetness.

This stunning lot comes to us from producer Zanaida Adarme, based in Aponte Village, which is tucked in a mountainous backdrop at elevations of 2200 masl. Initially, she started processing all of her coffee exclusively as washed, as is common in the region of Nariño. A couple of years ago she started to produce honey-processed, by recommendation of a neighbor.

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