Villa Betulia Papayo

black plum, cinnamon, cherry


Luis Anibal Calderón | Huila | Papayo | Washed

This beautiful offering from Huila is sweet and layered with juicy notes of black plum, cinnamon, brown sugar, blackberry, and cherry.  

Don Luis Anibal Calderón lives and works with his family on  their estate farm Villa Betulia. When Don Luis was a teenager, a small piece of land that once belonged to his father had been gifted to him to carry on the family calling of growing and producing coffee. He has since purchased more land of his own and has grown its footprint to 20 hectares. The coffees produced and grown here are revered and recognized as some of the best coffees to come out of Colombia. The Papayo variety in general is very rare. Papayo cherries are distinctive, with an elongated shape similar to that of a papaya fruit, hence the name. This variety is also revered by local farmers for its natural resistance to the effects of leaf rust and its potential for healthy production yields. This variety also has unique aromatic qualities.

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