Colombia Palomos Del Sur Natural – 8OZ.

cherry, panela, watermelon
Leonardo Henao & Robinson Pillimué | Inzá, Cauca | Caturra & Colombia | Natural


This is the naturally processed (or dry processed) version of our other Palomos offering. Naturally processed coffees keep the whole cherry intact during drying which imparts more intense fruit character and body to the cup. This type of processing can also result in a less consistent cup profile overall since it is mostly hand sorted. We were excited by the vibrant fresh fruit notes and sweetness that we found in this coffee. Naturally processed coffees can be polarizing due to potent aromatics and flavor, but really interesting and delicious at the same time. Expect notes of strawberry candy, barleywine, panela, cherry, and watermelon.

Featuring art from Rosa de Weerd