Luis Omar Rodriguez

raspberry, tamarind, rose hip


Buesaco | Caturra | 2130 masl | Washed

Sweet and aromatic, this offering from Buesaco evokes a long list of flavor descriptors. Up front, notes of apple cider and raspberry mingle with aromatic hibiscus and rose hip. The cup is rounded out by flavors both sweet and tart, such as fresh plum and tamarind. 

This coffee was produced by Luis Omar, one of four brothers from the Rodríguez family, an influential coffee-producing family from the town of Buesaco, in the state of Nariño. The brothers, like most in the region, own small farms, averaging 2 hectares in size, at an elevation of 2,000–2,200 meters above sea level. Surrounded by native vegetation, the town of Buesaco is a stunning example of Nariño’s landscape.

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