Colombia Luis Chasoy

boysenberry, honeysuckle, pomelo
Aponte Village, Nariño | Caturra | 1900-2200 masl | Honey



This coffee presents refreshingly tart notes of boysenberry and pomelo, which are balanced by honeysuckle and sugarcane.     

Luis Chasoy is a producer from Aponte Village, in the Nariño region, one of the highest altitude coffee-producing areas in the Colombian Andes. It is here that Luis and his family produce this beautifully eloquent coffee. 

After depulping the coffee cherries, the coffee is dried on raised beds with the mucilage still intact for anywhere from 20-45 days. Weather in the region is excellent for this type of processing, as the heavy cold winds coming across the canyon provide consistent drying. We are honored to have the opportunity to showcase another stunning lot from Luis Chasoy.

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