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Lucas Tulcan

white peach, strawberry, raw sugar


Buesaco, Nariño | Caturra, Colombia, Castillo | 2100 masl | Washed

Colombian coffees are some of the most exciting coffees that land on our cupping table. This small lot, delivered to us from the staggering elevations of the volcanic Andean mountains, is no exception. Lucas’ coffee brews a beautifully sweet cup with notes of white peach, strawberry, lemon, and raw sugar. 

The coffee Lucas Tulcan produces comes from a place of love. He is a seventy year old farmer, a husband, and a father of four daughters who all also work in coffee. In addition to coffee, he is passionate about flowers and loves to spend as much time in his garden as possible. His farm, Finca La Peña, is located in Buesaco town within the region of Nariño. Some of the most exceptional Colombian coffees come from the areas surrounding Buesaco. 

Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+