Last Chance: Colombia Inmaculada Gesha

hibiscus, pineapple, pomegranate
Pichindé | Gesha | 1700-2000 masl | Natural



Juicy, floral, and laden with tropical fruit flavors, this coffee will appeal to fans of natural processed coffees and those who have come to appreciate the unique flavor attributes of the Gesha variety. Subtle floral notes intermingle with lush flavors of pineapple, mixed berries, lime juice, red apple, and pomegranate. There’s a lot to discover here and different brewing methods are sure to coax out an array of unexpected flavors.   

This special Gesha offering comes to us from Inmaculada Coffee Farms, in the village of Pichindé, located within the state of Valle del Cauca, Colombia. After several years cultivating a mountainside forest on their family farm, the Holguin family now grows an array of coffee varieties known for their unique cup qualities. Their farm’s location is ideal for coffee cultivation; in terms of weather, altitude, and annual rainfall. They began farming on 5.12 hectares and they now have around 50 hectares, of which 30 are cultivated, and the remainder is kept as a natural forest.

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