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black plum, honey, orange zest


Nariño | Caturra | 2100 masl | Honey

For lovers of sweet, complex, fruited Colombian coffees, we have a special treat: a curated community lot from one of our favorite growing regions. In the cup we taste sweet notes of black plum, honeydew melon, honey, and orange zest.

This special honey processed lot hails from the town of Aponte, in the optimal coffee-growing lands of Colombia’s Nariño department. This lot is a result of the perfect marriage of altitude, climate, and persistent hard work by various small producers living nearby the town. Most of the farms here are very small scale and sometimes single lots are too small to sell under their own farm name, hence the benefit of community lots. 

Honey processed coffees are notoriously difficult to execute well, as they are susceptible to defects if not dried in perfect conditions. Luckily, weather in the Aponte area is perfect for this type of drying, as the heavy and cold winds that cross the canyon permit a slow and even drying process, yielding a beautifully structured cup. 

Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+