World Coffee Research Benefit Series: Guatemala Punta Del Cerro

strawberry, baking chocolate, melon
Huehuetenango, Guatemala | Bourbon | 1800-1900 masl | Washed



For the third release in our World Coffee Research Benefit Series, we are featuring a lot from producers Rodin and Jenner Villatoro. A few years ago Rodin bought a high, mountainside farm called Punta Del Cerro and immediately got to work planting new varieties. We’re honored to share this lot, which represents the first harvest of these new varieties.

Rodin and Jenner have spent countless hours over the years to dial in their palates and processes. They have also invested considerable funds building a cupping lab and African drying beds, installing anaerobic fermentation tanks, and planting new varieties.

There is simply no future for coffee without thriving, resilient coffee farmers, and WCR’s research is at the forefront of technologies and innovation needed to support the world’s millions of smallholder farmers.

This 100% Bourbon lot is sweet and complex with flavors of strawberry, baking chocolate, melon, and mango.

$10 from every purchase goes to supporting global, collaborative work of World Coffee Research to ensure the future of coffee. Learn more about World Coffee Research at

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