Artist Series: Guatemala Rosma & Cascada Encantada Geshas


We’re thrilled to share our latest Artist Series drop, featuring two stunning Geshas from Guatemala.

Guatemala Cascada Encantada Gesha

San Pedro Necta | Gesha | 1800-2000 | Natural
apricot, clementine, grape

Guatemala Cascada Encantada came onto our radar after placing in the 2020 Guatemalan Cup of Excellence. This stunning Gesha was grown on the newest farm belonging to Fredy Morales, an experienced farmer, Q grader, and estate manager whose family has been operating farms in Huehuetenango since his father planted what is now Finca Rosma. The operation has expanded to include several farms, but quality remains the driving focus, as is evident in this year’s lot. Showcasing a honeyed sweetness and layered fruit complexity, this natural process coffee features flavors of apricot, black tea, clementine, grape, and black cherry.

Guatemala Rosma Gesha

San Pedro Necta | Gesha | 1500-1800 masl | Washed
jasmine, makrut lime, bergamot

This limited selection Gesha won second place in this year’s Guatemala Cup of Excellence. Washed processing reveals exceptional clarity of terroir, producing effervescent notes of jasmine, makrut lime, bergamot, black tea, and casaba melon.

This multi award winning coffee was produced by the Morales family on their flagship farm, Finca Rosma. The farm has been in the Morales family since Don Alejandro Morales purchased it in 1963. Finca Rosma has been certified by ANACAFE as a sustainable coffee farm; providing homes, access to schools, and medical assistance to employees of the farm. The farm also utilizes shade-growing practices, planting Chalum and Grevillea trees to bolster biodiversity and support local wildlife.

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