Artist Series: Ecuador Cruz Loma

orange blossom, lychee, cherry


Pichincha | Sidra & Typica | Anaerobic

Galo Fernando Morales Flores and his wife Maria Alexandra Rivera grow coffee on their 350 hectare plot in the community of San José de Minas. They describe their 8 hectare farm, Finca Cruz Loma, as a marvelous paradise whose temperate, tropical climate allows for a huge variety of flora to thrive. Their coffee has recently received a lot of recognition as winners of Pichincha’s regional quality competition and as featured producers in Ecuador’s national barista competition. In 2020, Cruz Loma took third place in the national “Taza Dorada” quality competition. 

This specific anaerobic lot received a combination of sealed fermentations, first in whole cherry between twenty four and forty eight hours, and then again in parchment for twelve hours after depulping. The coffee is exquisitely delicate and floral, with fresh fruit flavor and invigorating notes such as orange blossom and cardamom.

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