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Artist Series: Colombia Las Flores Sidra

rose, peach nectar, pine


Johan Vergara | Huila | Sidra | 1780 masl | Washed

This Sidra lot from the Las Flores farm in Huila is a cornucopia of potent botanical flavors. Aromatically, the cup is heavily floral with notes of rose and jasmine mingling with dried orange peel and clove. In the cup we taste syrupy notes of peach nectar, cooked pear, kiwi, and woodsy pine.   

Johan Vergara’s parents, Edilberto Vergara and Nubia Ayure, arrived in Acevedo, Huila from Cundinamarca in 1990. They started cultivating Las Flores on two hectares of land, growing around 18,000 Caturra and Colombia trees. The farm has grown to over fourteen hectares with 90,000 coffee trees and one and a half hectares of dedicated nature reserve. Since 2006 the family has been adding other varieties such as Java, Pacamara, Tabi, Chorizo, and Sidra. Johan and his brothers have continued to expand their expertise in the areas of cultivation, processing, and cupping.

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Free Shipping on Orders and Subscriptions $40+